Your mom always told you breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

What she didn’t tell you was that it was gonna be hard AF to eat something healthy in the morning with the fast-paced world we live in nowadays, or that it would require you not hitting the snooze button on your alarm multiple times when it first goes off in the morning.

I know, the idea of not sleeping in to the last possible minute sucks. I struggle with that A LOT myself.

So, I want to share with you something that my wife Liz does, which makes it so much easier for us both to have a very tasty and healthy breakfast that sustains us for hours. Best part about it, there is no cooking involved and it’s super easy to make.

It’s called overnight oats, you may have heard of them before. 

The basic gist of it is you’re going to add all the ingredients that you would use to make a killer oatmeal the night before and then just store it in the fridge overnight. We like to use some added protein powder to not only increase the amount of protein contained in it, but also sweeten it up a bit.

Here’s what we use for ours:


Chia Seeds

PB2 regular or chocolate (this is super low in fat which is AWESOME)

Skim or Almond Milk

Whey Protein Powder

Fruit and/or Nuts of your choice (I really like Apples in mine, it gives a nice crunch to it)

You can thank me later for this awesome creation.

  • Step 1:

Add ½ cup of oats to whatever container you plan to use. As you can see, Liz likes to use Mason jars for this because she’s stylish and classy as hell (as you may have guessed, she’s way out of my league, haha)

  • Step 2:

Add 1 scoop of Whey Protein Powder, 1 Tbsp. of PB2, and 1 Tbsp. of Chia seeds

  • Step 3:

Add any Fruit or Nuts you’d like to the mixture.

  • Step 4:

Add ½ cup of Skim or Almond milk

  • Step 5:

Put dat shit in da fridge and leave it overnight yo!

  • Step 6:

Grab it on your way out the door in the morning and eat the shit out of it*

*Remember to grab a spoon too. I always forget that part, haha.



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