I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly….

Ok, maybe you are, and maybe I shouldn’t have used that lyric, but any chance a strength coach can work in a Queen Bae reference to an article, they’re gonna do it.

I’m pretty sure it’s part of the prerequisites for renewing my certification each year.

As most of you have probably guessed, today’s post is all about your glutes. Everyone wants to make sure they’re strong and looking good, because not only do the aid in improving your physical performance in the gym or on the field, but let’s be honest, nobody wants a pancake butt.

Training your glutes is all the rage now thanks to coaches like Bret Contreras aka “The Glute Guy”.

If you’re someone looking to improve upon your current backside, first make sure you’re covering the basics of squatting, deadlifting, hip thrusting, etc. Seriously, you’ll get way more out of those than you’ll most likely get out of the exercises I’m going to show you today, in part because they’ll teach you how to maintain better technique and tension.

For those of you who are already doing those big movements, that are looking for a couple new things to up their game and continue to stimulate hypertrophy, I’ve got 3 new exercises for you to transform your badonkadink into a badonkadonk.

  • The Deficit Reverse Lunge w/Contralateral Loading

This is one my all time favorites. Not only do we get to increase the range of motion at the hip joint allowing you to load your glutes better than the traditional reverse lunge (which is still a fantastic exercise), but we can also take your quads through a slightly greater range of motion.

By loading the exercise contralaterally, we’re forced to create more stability not only in just the hips like most single leg exercises require but also recruit your abs, primarily the obliques, to create more trunk stability.

The end result is an exercise that you can still load up quite heavy, once you’re comfortable with the form, while really getting a strong contraction in your glutes.
  • Slide Disk Hamstring Curls

Improving on your backside means not only training your glutes, but also the back of those legs too (i.e. hamstrings). Luckily, both your glutes and hamstring can share a very important function, hip extension.

I love traditional hip extension exercises like Romanian Deadlifts and Hip Thrusts, where the hamstrings are brought under tension as well, but I find I’m able to get much more from my hamstrings when I can take them through knee flexion and extension as well (knees bending and extending).

The Slide Disk Hamstring Curls do just that. 

While your hips are in full extension holding a nice strong isometric contraction in your glutes, the hamstrings are simultaneously loaded and are then forced to go through a full range of motion, finishing with one of the strongest contractions you’ve probably ever experienced.

  • Lateral Lunges

Sometimes the right tool for the job isn’t always the flashy new thing, but just the boring old staple of the tool box.

This is the case when it comes to the Lateral Lunge.

It’s an exercise that most people are familiar with, but rarely perform except when participating in group aerobics classes at their local gym. In most of these cases they are performed with very little weight, and simply aren’t challenging enough all while feeling somewhat awkward.

It sounds silly, but the best fix for that is doing them more, and doing them with challenging weights as well.

This exercise is phenomenal for building that backside you could bounce a quarter off of, and getting your hips and back feeling great, not to mention it also gets us training in a different plane of motion than we’re almost always used to training in.

When done correctly, we get lots of recruitment from you gluteus medius as well as your gluteus maximus due to that lateral movement. 
With the addition of these 3 exercises to your already bootylicious workout program, you'll be sure to have the milkshake that brings all the boys/girls to the yard.

(Ok, I'm done with the early 2000's R&B references now)

Now go work on filling out those apple-bottom jeans (Ok, I lied, but that's it for real this time).


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