The Deadlift is one of the ultimate displays of strength. There's a reason, many people call it the "King of all exercises."

It's hard to find an exercise that uses as many muscles of the body, to produce such a great display of brute force, all the while taking us through one of the most functional movement patterns there is (and remember I don't use that term functional often), picking something up off the ground.

There are two basic variations of the Deadlift. First is the conventional Deadlift, generally performed with a stance somewhere between shoulder and hip width, where the hips reach far back away from the bar, and the hands grab outside of the legs. I previously wrote about it here.

In today's video I'll be covering the Sumo Deadlift, a variation which accomplishes the same basic task of picking up a heavy object (the barbell) up from the floor, but does so in a very different set up. 

Here in the Sumo Deadlift, the stance is very wide, the hips stay close to the bar, and the hands grab inside the legs. I hope you enjoy the video, and if the Conventional Deadlift isn't working well for you, try giving the Sumo Deadlift a try.

One thing to note is that for the best results and strength gains you should practice both if you can do so pain free, as they both assist one another despite the leverages being pretty different. 

It's best not to let one of these fall to far behind the other if you can do so, but if you're competing or testing yourself to see what your maxes are, choose the style of Deadlift that feels the strongest and most comfortable.


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