So I want to try to implement something new and see how everyone responds to it. A theme to each week. Not a theme like “this week is Superhero week” (although that would be awesome and not out of the question), but more like, this week I want you all to focus on (blank), and then write and share articles related to each week’s theme.

With that in mind, this week’s theme is purpose.

Some of you may have seen the video I posted earlier this week, discussing purpose with regards to exercise.

To often people walk into the gym and “workout” while still managing to accomplish very little.

I posed this question in a video I put up this past weekend, but for those of you who have decided to skip watching it (I get it, I'm boring on camera) I want you to honestly ask yourself this:

When I go to the gym, am I there to accomplish a specific goal each day, or am I going on the gym so I can say I went to the gym?

Way too often, if we’re being honest with ourselves the answer is the latter. That could be for a couple reasons:

  1. Not having any real outlined goals (and no, not dying is not a goal)

  2. Not having an actual plan i.e. program for how to achieve the goals you may have set out for yourself

  3. Lack of focus when at the gym, whether it's chatting with all your gym buddies, facebooking/instagramming, or just being more concerned with what you can watch on the tv’s while doing cardio than you are with the intensity on which you're performing.

These are just some examples, but also probably the most prevalent.

That lack of purpose, is a huge factor in why you haven't achieved your fitness goals as of yet and also probably makes you dislike going to the gym.

This week I want you to get rid of any and all distractions you'd normally have:

  • If you love to be on Facebook, leave your phone in your locker

  • If you spend more time socializing than working out, plug your headphones in, put on a hat and be Mr/Ms. Inconspicuous.

  • Turn the TV off!!

Also, if you don't currently have a program/plan that is written down you work off of, get one that fits your goals.

Reach out to me I can help you with this, whether it's working with me specifically or just a general free/inexpensive workout template, I want you to have a plan on how you are going to actually achieve your goals.

Perform every rep of every set of every exercise with intensity and for a reason. Get the most out of everything you do.

You’ve got this!

“If you hang out with chickens, you're going to click, and if you hang out with Eagles, you're going to fly.”

  • Steve Maraboli



Sam McCarthy
02/29/2016 10:44am

My purpose when working out:
1. Get in the zone and de-stress for an hour or two
2. Get stronger in my core exercises like squats, deadlifts, and pull ups
3. Maintain my weight and fitness level

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