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So, it seems these quick tip posts have been pretty popular with everyone reading, and hopefully, very helpful for you all. As a result, I’ll try to do these more often for everyone.

Today I want to give you three quick and easy tips you can implement right away that can help keep you from overeating at night.

I want to be clear here, these are not strategies that will combat hunger, but tips that will help you to keep from overeating because you're bored, being mindless, or simply eating because the food is there. 

Often times, this is a big part of what derails our attempts to lose weight and causes a lot of the weight gain I see.

Obviously, these pointers can be applied at any meal time, but I specify eating at night for 2 reasons: 1.) This seems to be when people traditionally struggle, probably because they have greater access to food, and 2.) This is when most people have the least amount of wiggle room in how many more calories they can eat and still lose or maintain body weight.

These three simple tips have helped my clients quite a bit and hopefully, if you’re not doing these already, they can help you too.

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  • Put Your Leftovers Away Before Serving Yourself

This is an easy way to keep you from getting up and grabbing a second helping of your super calorie dense dinner simply because it’s there.

It sounds silly (to be honest, all these tips sound a little silly) but what are the chances you’re actually going to go back into the fridge after you finish your first plate, and then want to reheat all the stuff you just put away in the fridge, so you can have seconds?

Exactly, you’re probably not gonna really want that second plate, and if anything, it’ll at least give you pause for a moment while you think about it, and then again while you’re reheating those cold leftovers.

As an added bonus, by putting away the leftovers first, you can also make sure you leave yourself enough food to fill up your plate with the amounts you should eat, instead of piling it on.

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  • Brush Your Teeth Directly After Dinner

This one is targeted towards those who finish eating dinner and then 45 min later decide to eat some form of dessert or start munching on something while watching the latest episode of their favorite show (Black Sails anyone?) or gone down the Facebook rabbit hole.

When’s the last time you brushed your teeth and then said to yourself, “You know, I just brushed my teeth, but I’d really love to do it all over again so I can cram some more Cheetos down my gullet?”

Again, chances are that hasn’t happened very frequently. 

If you’re a dessert eater, and you’ve found a way to work that into you nutritional plan, then brush your teeth directly after eating your dessert portion to avoid going back for more as well.

Plus, your dentist will love you, and hopefully that means less drilling and scraping with that god-awful hook looking thing.

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  • Stop Eating While Doing Other Activities

The obvious activity that comes to mind is watching TV, which when trying to dig a little deeper, I found that somewhere between 45%-65% of US households eat dinner regularly while watching TV.

Ignoring that somewhat scary statistic and what else it implies, let’s just say that watching TV is definitely contributing to a lot of mindlessly eating, which in turn leads us to overeat because we’re just not paying attention.

In addition, many of us have developed an almost Pavlovian response to watching TV, where we feel like we must be eating something while catching up on our favorite show.

Maybe TV watching isn’t when you find yourself eating, but instead it’s while you’re checking email, or even working. 

Whatever it is, try instead to have a dedicated meal time at dinner, and that in turn may help keep you mindful of what you’re eating and how much of it you’re consuming.

Try implementing any or all of these 3 tips, and keep that overeating out of boredom/habit at bay.

You got this you sexy SOBs!!

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Did you find these helpful? Think I’m full of it? Got questions of any sort? Feel free to leave a comment or email me: rob@robthetrainer.com



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