Blog Tour: My Writing Process

It's another beautiful day here in the state of Massachusetts! (We don't get too many of those so it's worth acknowledging).

I was invited to join in the "My Writing Process" blog tour by a friend and previous personal training client of mine Katie of As some of you who have been following the blog tour may know from Katie’s last post, I’m a personal trainer, and write primarily fitness content. I've known her for close to a year now. I love her blog, and always get a good laugh when I read it.

All the participants of the Blog Tour are asked to answer the same 4 questions, and now it's my turn.
What am I working on?

Currently I’m working on a bunch of different things. Every day I find myself either writing new programs for my current training clients and new clients, as well as tweaking current programs people are working on for one reason or another.

As it pertains to blogging though, I just debuted a recurring theme on my blog last Tuesday called “Technique Tuesday”. The idea behind it is that every Tuesday I’ll take an exercise that most of my readers could really benefit from in one way or another, and break down not only how to perform the exercises correctly, but also what verbal cues I use for my clients to help them get it right, what the benefits of this exercise are, and the mistakes I commonly see made when people are doing this exercise. As it is monday today, I’m finishing up rewriting my last draft, and shooting some video of it to make sure it looks good and is easy to follow.

How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

I think there are a few things that tend to set my blog apart from others in it’s genre (besides “Technique Tuesday”, which is …… AWESOME!!!),. One of the things I’m most passionate about is breaking apart the weird stereotypes the fitness world loves to throw at us about “Women’s Fitness”, and this weird myth that women should train completely different from men (read my bost titled “The Biggest Lie of All”). I also work at an all womens health club here in the Boston area, which I like to think gives me a little bit of credibility.

I’ve also got a few years of experience in the field of strength and conditioning (ok, more than a few, 11 years+) but I make sure to spend at least 1hr a day reading new articles and studies related to my field, along with my other leisurely reading. I think this is a huge piece of what sets me apart from not only the other bloggers out there in the fitness world, but also other trainers in the gym, who may pass a weekend certification course, and think their education ends there.

Why do I write what I do?

Simply put, it’s my biggest passion! I still remember the first gym that my best friend and I belonged to when we were still in highschool, and the feeling of empowerment that I had after I left that gym every day. I knew that I had accomplished something that day. It was so much more than just lifting heavy things, and trying to get in shape or get jacked or whatever. It helped to build self confidence in me. The gym and that feeling have always been there for me even when that same self confidence has been shaken to the core.

I truly want to help people get better at whatever the goals are that they have for themselves, because I want them to get out of it what I was lucky enough to experience... empowerment.

How Does My Writing Process work?

I’ve tried to create a bit of a loose format for my blog throughout the week, so I can make my life easier as it comes to topics, and so my readers have a general idea of what they’re getting when they check the site. As I discussed earlier, there is the “Technique Tuesday” theme, I also try to discuss some more general subjects in one of my posts each week, such as “Goal Setting” or “How to Build a Solid Foundation”. Lastly there is usually one post which is more freely written, about something I feel needs to be said. I’m always coming up with new ideas on topics and try to write out a small outline of what I want to say before I begin my first of many drafts. I’m constantly rereading and rewriting my blog posts, as I just want to make sure that what I writing comes across as authentic, and that my voice is clear to the readers. I’ll usually have someone ever read it for me just to get some feedback before I even post it.

Next week we have two stellar blogs coming up.

Alicia of: - Alicia is a close friend of mine, an amazing cook, and is also my personal dietician for when I’m getting ready for any of my own competitions. Her blog centers around the theme of making your favorite delicious foods, and preparing them in a healthy alternative that is just as good (sometimes better) as the normal recipe. Definitely worth keeping up with.

Kevin of: - If you’re from the Boston area and are Bruins fan (like myself) Kevin’s blog is a must. We’re passionate about our teams here in Boston, and it shows in Kevin’s blog. As a former hockey player himself, he always has great insight.


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