“How much ya bench?”

When somebody finds out you lift weights, it’s automatically the first question they ask, usually mimicking the voices from the Saturday Night Live sketch.

Is that annoying? 

Ummm…. yeah, to say the least. 

It's been a little while since I did one of these Technique Tuesday's so I have a special treat for you. Instead of a long written out article explaining the exercise, how to do it, and also what not to do, I've created a video for you.

I'm planning on incorporating more videos into the site, since it seems to be the preferred medium for a lot of people when it comes down to how to perform an exercise.

Today I'll be breaking down one of my favorite core exercises, the TRX Fallout.

It has a ton of benefits, but one thing to note is that it's a slightly more advanced exercise, so if you're still mastering things like a plank or dead bug, this is best saved for later. 


    I know what everyone is thinking right now…. Rob it’s Tuesday, you can’t write a post about the bench press today, it’s not “International Bench Press Day” that’s Mondays. Well, luckily for me I started my first draft of this yesterday, so it’s cool.

    Today’s post is primarily for my meathead readers out there (I say that as a term of endearment, as I am one of you), and to anyone else out there who is interested in becoming better at the bench press.

    Truth be told, this is a great strength exercise with a ton of carry over for most trainees but is often performed less than ideally by the average gym goer.

    Often times I look over to see someone on the bench press flailing around like a fish out of water trying to move the bar up, only to then hear either themselves or their “spotter” yell out the inevitable, “One more rep,” or even better “It’s all you man,” while said spotter is essentially lifting 50% or more of the weight. Who knew the Bench Press was a team exercise?

    Today’s edition of Technique Tuesday comes to us as a suggestion from my awesome co-worker Heather. As she mentioned to me, this is one exercise we see screwed up by average gym goers, meatheads, and even other trainers coaching their clients. Let’s stop the madness!

    The nature of the Technique Tuesday theme is to help people perform these highly beneficial exercises correctly since we see them done poorly so often. In keeping with this theme, I’m going to break down the Reverse Lunge, and leave you with a few key take away points on ways to fix some common mistakes.

Sorry for the hiatus last week everyone, being a shortened work week, I was forced to cram 5 days worth of clients into 4 days, and well, the week just got away from me. Fear not though, because your latest and greatest edition of Technique Tuesday is here.

Today we’re going to breakdown the Deadlift. I’ll be focusing on how to perform this with a conventional stance, sorry in advance to all of you looking for pointers on your sumo deadlift technique.

I’m going to cover the basic technique as well as a couple easy cues that tend to help most people clean up their form significantly, and maximize the amount of weight they can lift.

Okay, I know this is a little out of the ordinary for a “Technique Tuesday” post, but since we all know how important eating healthy nutritious meals are for helping us reach our fitness goals, I figured this might be a fun spin on the usual Tuesday subject. Besides, we can just say that we’re brushing up on your cooking technique.

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me for nutritional advice lately, and though I have some knowledge on the subject, I’ll actually be having a few of my favorite RD’s (Registered Dietitians) write some guest posts on the site soon, and they are much better equipped to answer some of the questions you all have been sending me.

Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of Technique Tuesday. Today I’ll be going over proper technique for the 1-Arm Dumbbell Row. 

As with most of the exercises I feature in this series, again have one that has a ton of benefits for lifters of all levels but sadly many coaches, trainers, and trainees seem to find a way to butcher.

When done correctly the 1-Arm Dumbbell Row has tremendous carryover for people of all fitness abilities. Whether your goal is to build strength, size, or just simply feel and move better, this is an exercise that should have a place in your routine. Hopefully these few cues I’ll give you will help clean up your form or that of your clients.

The latest and greatest installment of Technique Tuesday is here, and today I’ll be breaking down a favorite exercise for many people, the Box Jump.

As with most of the exercises I use for this series, it is an exercise which a great many people execute poorly in both practice and application. The one thing that is slightly different about the Box Jump from the rest of the exercises I’ve featured so far in this series is that it is much more advanced than one may think.

It’s Tuesday folks, and in order to celebrate my favorite day of the week properly, I’m bringing you another installment of Technique Tuesday. The idea behind this recurring theme is to break down an exercise each entry that has a great carry over for people of all fitness levels,and one that I also commonly see practiced with poor form.

    Today I’ll be breaking down possibly one of the best bang for your buck upper body exercises out there, the chin-up. Chin-ups can provide a whole host of great benefits when they are appropriately programmed into someone’s routine, but like any exercise, if they are performed poorly, you will miss out on reaping the full reward of your hard work, and I’d hate for that to happen to you.

Well another Tuesday is here and so is another edition of Technique Tuesday.

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I was voted into the final 3 nominees, which is pretty darn cool, and now the voting is in the final stages, between the last of us 3 nominees.

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