I know what everyone is thinking right now…. Rob it’s Tuesday, you can’t write a post about the bench press today, it’s not “International Bench Press Day” that’s Mondays. Well, luckily for me I started my first draft of this yesterday, so it’s cool.

    Today’s post is primarily for my meathead readers out there (I say that as a term of endearment, as I am one of you), and to anyone else out there who is interested in becoming better at the bench press.

    Truth be told, this is a great strength exercise with a ton of carry over for most trainees but is often performed less than ideally by the average gym goer.

    Often times I look over to see someone on the bench press flailing around like a fish out of water trying to move the bar up, only to then hear either themselves or their “spotter” yell out the inevitable, “One more rep,” or even better “It’s all you man,” while said spotter is essentially lifting 50% or more of the weight. Who knew the Bench Press was a team exercise?

Often times, when people first come to me with their desire to get healthy and get fit, they expect me to tell them something like, “Well, you’re gonna need to workout 5-6 times a week,” or “Ok, well, you can only eat chicken breast, salad, sweet potatoes, or canned tuna.”

Funniest of all, most clients would be absolutely willing to follow those recommendations for the first week or two, before they want to punch me in the face.

    So when I start asking them questions about their exercise and eating habits and suggest that we don’t start completely from scratch, but instead just try implementing one or two small changes at first their generally a little confused.

Here’s the truth of it, I want my clients to be successful in the long run. That means I want them all to have a healthy relationship with exercise, food, and most importantly their bodies. In order to do that, we need to establish some healthy habits that are not burdensome but are instead manageable.

Here are 5 small changes/strategies most people can make that will yield great results, without making you feel completely overwhelmed and will still allow you to live your life: