Today I have a real treat for everyone.

My good friend, and fellow mentally juvenile Strength Coach Patrick Umphrey honored me by writing up a killer guest blog for my site today.

Patrick is an incredibly talented coach who has managed to really help transform many people's physiques and more importantly their lives through his combination of experience, empathy, and grounded scientific knowledge.

Dude is an All-Star and I'm so pumped he chose to contribute to my site. 

Also, he likes to make the occasional poop joke..... Ok, maybe more than occasional, but who doesn't like a good poop joke.

You've been asking a lot of questions lately about how you can get lean, and stay that way.

I want you to know that I heard you, and to help you out, I put together this video that details how I approach nutrition with my clients, to ensure that they lose weight and most importantly keep it off and stay lean all the time. 


(Be sure to look out for an excellent guest post from my friend Patrick Umphrey coming later this week on calorie counting)

I know you’re slammed. Work and life are jam packed with things you’ve got to get done. Meetings, family events, and the general daily “adulting” chores make getting a consistent workout schedule/regimen feel impossible. 

The second you think you’ve got free time to get in your workout, something else pops up, and you immediately feel like you’ve got to get that done too, so the workout gets put on the back burner, and when everything is finally all set the idea of lounging on the couch watching mindless TV in your PJs (if you even have time for that) feels way more appealing than exercising.

I’ve been there myself too many times, and I’m also really good at convincing myself I deserve/earned that TV break too.

I’m going to say something that sounds really mean and messed up. It might even piss you off a bit, but please stay with me for another two sentences afterwards and I promise you won’t hate me as much.