I have an important question for you here, so listen up…

“Are you overpaying your personal trainer?”

That question probably just put a few people on guard, but it’s a very important question to ask yourself. You work hard for the money you spend, and we as coaches and trainers ask you to spend a lot on us, so it’s not unfair to ask yourself whether your trainer is worth the price tag.

It’s Tuesday folks, and in order to celebrate my favorite day of the week properly, I’m bringing you another installment of Technique Tuesday. The idea behind this recurring theme is to break down an exercise each entry that has a great carry over for people of all fitness levels,and one that I also commonly see practiced with poor form.

    Today I’ll be breaking down possibly one of the best bang for your buck upper body exercises out there, the chin-up. Chin-ups can provide a whole host of great benefits when they are appropriately programmed into someone’s routine, but like any exercise, if they are performed poorly, you will miss out on reaping the full reward of your hard work, and I’d hate for that to happen to you.