You’ve probably read different, very strong opinions, from various people about what you should do when you get to the gym. Oftentimes, they’re telling you there is only ONE way to workout to really get the “results” you want.

That’s simply false.

Truth is, there are many different programs that will help to get you to your goals, regardless of what those goals are, however there are some things that any truly successful programs will have in common: they preach consistency, they’re planned out in phases, and the workouts match the results they promise.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time at all, you’ve probably noticed I talk about feelings a lot. To quote my colleague, friend, and one time contributor to this blog, Patrick Umphrey, “Feelings matter”.

To let your feelings interfere with whether you work out on a given day or eat healthy would be a mistake, but equally as bad is not having an awareness of how your emotions can dictate your success.

I want you to be brutally honest for a second here, and ask yourself what feelings you feel, or felt, that kept you from starting to exercise and eat healthy.

Most of the clients I work with probably experienced the same feelings you are now when they first started, shame and vulnerability. Shame of not already being in shape, and feeling vulnerable setting foot in the gym for the first time worrying that you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Today’s guest post comes from Casey Lee, the program director of the Parisi Speed School @ The Edge gym in Williston, VT. Casey is an incredibly talented young coach, who has also become a close personal friend and colleague of mine. He’s worked alongside some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry. Bottom line: Dude is a Stud!

Batman had the joker.

Luke Skywalker battled the Empire.

Every day I battle spoons, forks, and knives.

Nutrition has never exactly been my strong point. However, I absolutely believe that having strong nutritional principles is crucial for achieving 90% of our fitness, strength, and physique goals.