Today’s edition of Technique Tuesday comes to us as a suggestion from my awesome co-worker Heather. As she mentioned to me, this is one exercise we see screwed up by average gym goers, meatheads, and even other trainers coaching their clients. Let’s stop the madness!

    The nature of the Technique Tuesday theme is to help people perform these highly beneficial exercises correctly since we see them done poorly so often. In keeping with this theme, I’m going to break down the Reverse Lunge, and leave you with a few key take away points on ways to fix some common mistakes.

Sorry for the hiatus last week everyone, being a shortened work week, I was forced to cram 5 days worth of clients into 4 days, and well, the week just got away from me. Fear not though, because your latest and greatest edition of Technique Tuesday is here.

Today we’re going to breakdown the Deadlift. I’ll be focusing on how to perform this with a conventional stance, sorry in advance to all of you looking for pointers on your sumo deadlift technique.

I’m going to cover the basic technique as well as a couple easy cues that tend to help most people clean up their form significantly, and maximize the amount of weight they can lift.