So here it is, another Technique Tuesday breakdown of a great exercise, that a great many people can benefit from. Like many of these exercises it is also one that most people butcher, because they haven’t been given the correct cues and shown the correct technique. Hopefully I can shed some light on this for people.

Disclaimer: As with any of these exercises, if you are experiencing pain while performing them and your technique is good, please see qualified professional who can help diagnose your pain. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, your personal trainer/strength coach is not that person (me included).

Blog Tour: My Writing Process

It's another beautiful day here in the state of Massachusetts! (We don't get too many of those so it's worth acknowledging).

I was invited to join in the "My Writing Process" blog tour by a friend and previous personal training client of mine Katie of imyourkatieque.com. As some of you who have been following the blog tour may know from Katie’s last post, I’m a personal trainer, and write primarily fitness content. I've known her for close to a year now. I love her blog, and always get a good laugh when I read it.

All the participants of the Blog Tour are asked to answer the same 4 questions, and now it's my turn.