I posed two questions to my FB friends and fans of my FB page about a week ago.

What motivates you to be active and eat healthy?


What has been holding you back from exercising and eating healthy meals?

An interesting thing happened.

I’ve been hesitant to write this blog for a long time. Partly out of a misguided sense of fear and shame. 

Time to buck up and get over that shit though, and hopefully in the process help some of you if you’re in the same place I was.

One of the things I talk about the most on both my blog and FB page is the importance of healthy eating. 

Admittedly, I’m not perfect with that even to this day.

Truth be told, I was forced to learn over and over again what eating healthy meals looks like, and for that matter what healthy eating habits look like, and trust me I still indulge (at times more than I should).